Friday, July 8, 2011

Pink and Full of Flowers

I guess we're not meant for each other...

There's only one thing that I want
And that is you.
You're unique, you're different,
you stand out among the crowd.

I want to feel your touch.
Just to make me feel that you'll stay.
That you'll never let me down,
That you'll cling whatever happens.

I want you near me,
so that you could hear me.
Saying, "I need you"
and "Without you, i can't breath."

The thought of our lips touching,
your sweetness and your charm.
The feeling of oneness,
that you are mine.

But alas I lost you,
someone owns you now.
I'm not one to complain,
its my fault I was late.

I found another,
someone found you.
Was I too late?
Can you still be mine?


Ang drama! haha

Anong ibig sabihin ng poem na ito?

May ibig sabihin nga ba ito?



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