Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 Painful Things

1. -bringing back the feeling you've learned to forget.

2. -reminiscing the good times

3. -trying to hide what you realy feel.

4. -loving someone who loves another.

5. -having commitment with someone that you know wouldn't last

6. -shielding your heart to love somebody.

7. -loving a person too much

8. -right love at the wrong time.

9. -taking risk to fall in love again.

10. -bihis na bihis ka tapos di ka pala ksama.

Hahaha XD Sakit nun no?

P.S. I love you very much my!!! :* Thank you for giving me a chance... :D

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gigi said...

hahaha pinakamasakit eh ung pangsampu...
kawawa, di pala kasama..

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