Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tips sa nalulumbay...

Keep in mind that your situation can be changed, that it is not a permanent situation but a common experience shared by others.

Do not be unreasonably demanding of yourself.

Feel content about yourself in general.

Develop good habits in eating and exercise, and get adequate sleep.

Use the time you spend alone doing creative things and learning new skills.

Be careful not to judge people you meet on the basis of your past experiences.

Value your friends and their unique qualities. Work toward developing a good circle of friends. Ask for ideas from older, experienced ones.

Do something for others—give them a smile, express a kind word, share a thought from the Bible with them. Feeling needed by others is an antidote to loneliness.

Avoid fantasizing about movie or TV stars or Internet or literature characters, imagining a relationship with them.

If you are married, do not expect your mate to meet all your emotional needs.

Learn to give and take, to help and support each other.

Learn to talk to others and to be a good listener. Focus on other people and their interests. Show empathy.

:D Tips lang


Niero said...

wow copy paste heheheh

anu to lifehack pare
iupdate mo yung blog mo araw araw
kung wla kang magawa sa bahay

RL… said...

Oo na.... Copy paste yan...

Hahha pero maganda tong tips ha...

:D mejo bc bc na ko e... adik kc

gigi said...

maitry nga ang lahat ng ito...
sobrang bored dito eh..
nice post...

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