Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Carbon the Universe

What caused the abundance of Carbon in the universe?

A child prodigy calculated that it is impossible for the big bang to cause it.

I think his numbers (i.e. assume % of Carbon in the Universe, age of the universe etc.) are off that's why he thought of that after calculating it in his head...

I suck at math... But i have to admit, math only PROVES, not disprove (which is how science work)...

Remember that equation that PROVES bumblebees shouldn't fly?

Modification of the same equation PROVED the opposite.

Math could be deceiving... :D

If you would think about it, the abundance of the carbon could be attributed to the supernovae exploding in different parts of the universe..

Heavy atoms were made in the core of these dying stars by nuclear fusion and were scattered to outer space after its explosion.

Think about this...

Big Bang = hydrogen,

Supernova = Heavy elements,

Calculations are off : High percentage of Carbon in universe = Impossible.

If only i'm good in math, ill show you what i think...

I just want to say that there could be alot more dying stars than we think (assuming that there really is a lot of carbon in the universe)


there could be less carbon in the universe than what we think (assuming the number of supernova that the universe COULD accomodate [in terms of time] has been determined with high accuracy)




Also, if ever he is right that the Big Bang couldn't be responsible for the abundant carbon,

i think that rapid super cooling after (super) heating could have caused the hydroden and/or helium atoms to fuse then the atoms produced would break off again after (super) heating then fuse again...

"H+H -> He -> [H + H] + H -> Li -> [He + H] + H -> Br -> [He + H + H] + H -> [He + He ] + H -> B

ETC... That was just a guess....

or ... It could be possible that the Big Bang actually scattered Radioactive Element(s) that subsequently decayed into the atoms that are present today. What if the big bang was actually a big decay?

or ... Or maybe, after the creation of hydrogen atoms after the big bang, the creation for other atoms countinued to the point that there were no more H atoms and the Heaviest atoms were formed? then those atoms decayed scaterring Atoms all over the place. :D


Wild Ideas.... They're just waiting to be disproven...

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