Sunday, April 12, 2009

God Exist... or not?

God Exist if you acknowledge that fact.

The proofs of God's existence depends on you.

God will exist if you believe God exist...

God wont exist if you don't believe God exist...

Either way, in depends on you...

Some people don't look for proofs and just believe he exist, those people have "Faith in God".

Some people look for proofs of God's existence... (I found proofs God existence for myself.)

Some people look for proofs that shows God doesn't exist.

Those who "found" such proofs are called "Atheist"

Those who didn't found any proofs or is confused what must he/she believe is "Agnostic" A.K.A. "God-fearing Atheist"

Playing safe lang sila siguro, wala kasi silang proof na nageexist si God pero takot sila...

So to sum it up...


Exists without the need of any proofs. =Faithful Believer

Exists and there are proofs. = ____ Believer

Does not exist. =Atheist

Does not exist. (But deep inside, "Sorry God, Sorry") = Agnostic

Well san ka kabilang?

P.S. Powtek, popormahan bestfriend ko... Di bale may BF naman yun e... ahahha patay sya.


gerald said...

i believe hehe. :D :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you....

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